Lions International

Serving the communities of Bawtry, Bircotes, Harworth, Loversall, Rossington, Tickhill, Wadworth, Woodfield Plantation Estate and Carr Lodge.

In 1917 Melvin Jones, a Chicago businessman, created a club for local businessmen to combine their talents to improve the local community. In 1920, Lions Clubs became ‘Lions Clubs International’ with the formation of the first club outside of the USA in Canada. During the Second World War, Canadian servicemen and Lions club members helped children victims of the blitz. Shortly after that, the first UK clubs were formed.

Today, LCI is the largest service organisation in the world.There are now 46,000 Lions clubs worldwide with 1.6M members. Our international Head Offce is in Oakbrook, USA. Our UK Head Offce is in Birmingham.

LCIF provides comfort and care across eight critical areas:-

VISION - will help eradicate infectious blindness, reduce avoidable blindness and improve the quality of life for people with blindness or visual impairment.

YOUTH - will improve access to quality education, health services, social and recreational opportunities and positive development programmes.

DISASTER RELIEF - will prepare for and respond to, natural disasters to provide short-term relief and long-term recovery of communities worldwide.

HUMANITARIAN CAUSES - will sponsor and deliver programmes addressing the distinct needs of at-risk and vulnerable populations disproportionately impacted by social and economic factors.

DIABETES - will respond to this epidemic, helping to prevent this devastating disease through comprehensive health initiatives.

CHILDHOOD CANCER - will strengthen medical and social services, increasing global life expectancy of children with cancer and enhancing their quality of life.

HUNGER - will work towards a worldwide in which no one goes hungry by investing in infrastructure and improved transportation systems that increase the capacity of foodbanks and distribution facilities.

ENVIRONMENT - will protect environmental health, generating long-term positive ecological impact.